Red Wine Is Healthier Than White Wine


This goes out to you who love to drink wine. The good news is, it’s not bad to drink them. However, as we all know, too much of anything is bad enough. So you have to learn to drink moderately. Don’t be overwhelmed and drink 7 bottles in one sitting just because you were told wine is actually good for your body and even have some benefits for your health. It is still not a good idea to be drunk especially on purpose. Aside from the fact that it could lead into some embarrassing situations, your health would still be at risk.

Now between the two known wines in the world, women always fancy the white wine. And sadly, it is also the leading cause of their belly fat especially when they are already 40 years and above. You will wonder why? White wine contains more sugar than the red and that is what could make the metabolism go slow especially for women. It is not a healthy practice especially when you are already at that age. The tendency for you to burn fats especially in the belly area would be so slow when you pound in your white wine on a regular basis.

Red wine on the other hand is healthier because it could balance your hormones and even your blood flow. It could also burn some fats because it is packed with healthy antioxidants that your body needs. It is perfect if you had some heavy meals for dinner like some red meat or carbs, drinking red wine is just right for that. But then again, don’t overdo it. Just drink with discipline and the right amount will make you benefit from it. You won’t enjoy it anyway if you become drunk and not be able to really savor the moment that your body is getting benefits from it.

Red wine is also a good drink for a nightcap when you can’t sleep. Instead of popping sleeping pills to fight your insomnia, try a glass of this and you will be sleepy in no time without the need for you to count a hundred sheep and backwards. Red wine is also best for dishes and cooking to make your meat more tender and savory. There are many more uses for it than just for an indulged drinking session.

The next time you think of drinking for fun, keep away from the white and stay with the red. And when you are 40 years and above, completely say goodbye to your white wine addiction, unless of course you want to suffer from diabetes, heart failure and other known diseases caused by your belly fat.

Take some time to get know more about red wine as well and you will be surprised on the many other benefits that it contribute to your wellness. It has the ability to make you warm inside and burn the fats that your body doesn’t need. Be pro red wine than white wine from now on.