You Need To Sleep For The Sake Of Your Health

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Since the rise of the Internet, everybody seemed to have become more wired, especially the ones who have become addicted to social media and online video games. Some of you could literally stay up now for 48 hours straight and probably more just because you are chatting or you simply can’t put down the latest video craze that just hit town. We have created a wired generation that sleep literally becomes something that is even hard to find these days.

You know that feeling that after being wired, you know you have to sleep but you still can’t because you feel like you still want to do something? That is called stress. Your mind could actually be stressed out because of being overly exposed on the computer that the reaction is that it can’t shut be turned off so you could sleep. This means that you have the worst case of insomnia now. Others even need to get sleeping pills just for their brains to finally get some rest. But that is not exactly healthy.

Here are ways for you to stop insomnia and give your mind some peace and get back to your normal sleeping hours.

  • Time Yourself– discipline here is key. Make a commitment to time your use of electronic devices. Delete all gaming apps, especially if they have already become an addiction. You don’t need crushing candies online, seriously. Nor do you need to build farms on Facebook. Eliminate those from your lifestyle and you would be surprised how many hours it would give back to your life.
  • Tech Detox- Once in a while, it is good to getaway from the computer and enjoy the outdoors. Kids these days don’t exactly know how to enjoy life outside anymore. Most of them are not even experiencing the sun anymore. Lots of people are just trapped in the confines of their office cubicles then coming home and still go online to catch up with online friends. It is kind of getting out of hand being wired these days. So it is best to schedule some trip out of town but this time try it without a Wi-Fi. We’re sure that you will do just fine without it for a day or two.
  • Plan A New Hobby- make sure that your hobby doesn’t involve the tech world. Do something new or try something that you haven’t done before without involving the online world. Learn an instrument perhaps and you will notice that your time on the internet will be less until you go back to your normal hours.
  • Warm Milk- this is still effective up to this day unless of course you are lactose intolerant. If you can’t sleep at night, make sure that you drink a glass of warm milk and you will be on your way to sleep zone in no time.

Fixing your sleeping hours is important because your mind and body needs rest to recuperate from a long day of work.