5 Things That Will Make You Live Longer


Lots of people have this dream of living healthy, long and with all the success in the world. But first, you must start with healthy and the rest will follow. It makes sense right? If you are not healthy, then you can’t exactly expect to see the world long enough and there is absolutely no way to be successful when you are gone before your time on earth is even up. There are many ways to live healthy and it is all up to you to start living today.

  • Watch What You Eat- this is also another way of saying, no matter what you do, don’t overeat. But we get it if your passion is food and you are a self-confessed foodie. It is hard to deal with not overeating whenever food is calling out your name so loud that they become irresistible. Start researching on how to control that craving because it is totally possible. Don’t believe it when they say that you can’t do it, when all the facts are out there saying you can. This will also prevent you from growing visceral fat that could cause your life to be lived short.
  • Healthy Sex Life- this is ideally for adults who are in a relationship or married. Having a sex life is actually healthy because it keeps you away from depression. There are many benefits of sex if only it was done right as well with the right person. The energy that you can get from it is even potent for healing and repairing some damaged cells and stressed parts in your body. I tis also a good form of exercise.
  • Stop Being a Couch Potato- TV shows could be tempting and the next you know, you are already watching 10 hours a day. It could happen and it has already happened. The media and gadgets these days are like a black hole that could easily suck your time. Instead of doing that, go out there and enjoy the fresh breeze of the wind and give your skin some Vitamin D.
  • Wear Sunblock- now just because we said get some Vitamin D, doesn’t mean you have to overly expose your skin to it because it will harm your body as well, and could even cause you skin cancer. So just to be safe, wear a sunblock at SPF15 on a regular day. This will also help maintain your skin its youthful glow. Don’t go out and get some sun at 12 noon because that time is no longer healthy for anyone to come out with the sun in its raging anger.
  • Meet With Friends- depression is a serious condition and it could make your life short. In order for that not to be experienced, go and meet up with your friends and talk to them. This will maintain a happy vibe in you and will make you live longer.

Keep in mind these things that for a better you and not just that, but these things could actually contribute to make you live longer and healthy.